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Anthony's New Bike

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Introducing Anthony's Adventures children's book series, created by the Wagner family from Iowa!

Anthony's New Bike

Anthony is excited to go on a bike ride with his friends, Sally and Rocko. As Anthony hurries to get ready, he can’t remember where he left his bike! Moments later, he discovers it lying in the driveway, all bent and broken. Sadly, he is unable to go on a bike ride with his friends. Anthony is determined to be a good helper and get a new one. Join Anthony on another adventure as he dreams of buying his new bike!

Recommended Age Range: CHILDREN OF ALL AGES
Reading Level: 3rd Grade+

Book No. 8 of 12
Material: Hardcover
Size: 11.25" x 8.75"
Page Count: 38

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About the Authors

Hi! We're the Wagner family and we're so excited to share our series with you! We started with one book in 2014, originally meant to be a fun family project, never imagining what our series would grow to look like today!

Now we're on a mission to create a series your kids (or grandkids) can grow up with. We want Anthony the Mouse to be a cherished, memorable part of their childhood.

Our midwestern family values are evident in our books. You won't find any political or idealogical topics. These are books for kids. They're meant to be fun, a tiny bit educational, and most importantly, to inspire imagination!

Thank you for supporting our family project and business. We hope you and your little ones love your books and Anthony the Mouse!


The Wagner Family
Kurt, Tina, Jake, Ciarra & Kole

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