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Our Story

The Anthony’s Adventures Children’s Book Series originated from fun family memories and traditions shared over the years. Each of the books involves a special amount of care and collaboration from the whole family to develop, write, and illustrate. What Kurt Wagner finds most enjoyable is reminiscing on each little detail of a family memory and incorporating it into the story with colorful illustrations.

The series has grown tremendously since our first release back in 2016. In 2022 we officially introduced book number nine. While each book is certainly unique; collectively our stories create excitement and inspire adventures for readers of all ages. 

November 2016 - Anthony, The Mouse Who Stirred at Christmas
Join Anthony on his excitement-filled holiday adventures.

September 2017 - Anthony’s Happy Halloween
Help Anthony choose a costume, and enjoy trick-or-treating!

October 2018 - Anthony’s Summer Vacation
Pack your bags and tag along with Anthony to a tropical, sunny destination.

September 2019 - Anthony’s Rainy Day
Stuck inside on a rainy day? Discover the endless activities to do with Anthony.

November 2020 - Anthony’s Outdoor Adventure
Take a hike and toast some marshmallows alongside Anthony and his friends.

December 2020 - Anthony’s ABC Book
Colors, shapes, numbers and the ABCs… find it all in this fun storyline!

December 2020 - Anthony’s Farm Animal Friends
Take a trip to the farm and meet some of Anthony’s farm animal friends.

October 2021 - Anthony’s New Bike
Participate in the thrill of riding bikes with your friends, alongside Anthony.

October 2022 - Anthony's Zoo Animal Friends
Join Anthony at the zoo and learn about all the animals who live there.

Writing and sharing these stories with the community has proven to be fulfilling in many respects. Take it from Kurt, who says, “Through Anthony’s Adventures I have the opportunity to share my family’s highlight reel with people that genuinely appreciate the importance of family traditions. And as an added bonus we’re reintroducing some old, but not forgotten ideas and activities that little readers can enjoy.”

The Anthony’s Adventures book series proudly promotes products made in the USA. Kurt and his family often travel to Midwestern schools to read to young adventurers and share the magic of Anthony’s experiences together. Kurt was also honored to be added to the Iowa Author’s List in the fall of 2017. 

Another rewarding and inspiring aspect of being a children’s book author is witnessing the imaginations and genuine curiosity of young readers run rampant — all thanks to a little mouse named Anthony.

Kurt Wagner and his wife, Tina, live in Bellevue, Iowa. They are the parents of Alec, Jake, Ciarra, and Kole. There are currently nine books in the Anthony’s Adventures series, three plush toys, two puzzles, a memory game, and coloring & activity book, which have truly been a group effort, only creating more family memories to look back on. 

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our story. You can find scheduling and shopping options from the menu at the top of the page. We also offer free coloring page downloads for children to enjoy and, newly added this year, a free birthday party invitation ‘print-and-fold’ featuring our adorable Anthony.

Happiness is the journey not the destination.

Kurt Wagner

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